If you want to different page orientations and sizes in the same document, this is easy to do through "named pages". Here's how it works:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <style type="text/css">
    /* define a few different page types we can refer to from CSS classes */
    /* see http://www.princexml.com/doc/page-size/ */
    @page landscape {
      size: A4 landscape;
      margin: 20px;

    @page portrait {
      size: A4 portrait;
      margin: 10px;

    /* setup CSS classes to refer to these pages we just defined */
    .landscape {
      page: landscape;

    .portrait {
      page: portrait;

    /* reference http://www.princexml.com/doc/page-breaks/ */
    .page_break {
      page-break-before: always
    <p class="portrait">Page 1 content</p>

    <p class="landscape page_break">Page 2 content</p>

Named pages can also be used to apply different headers and footers to various pages.

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