As you can imagine, DocRaptor processes a lot of private documents, from financial reports to legal paperwork. We take security and privacy very seriously, both for our US-based customers and our many international users. Here are a few security and privacy oriented actions we take:

  • Default to SSL encryption for all content in transit
  • Encrypt all documents at rest (“at rest” meaning not actively in conversion, but sitting on the server)
  • Delete input and output HTML based on a user’s data retention policy (allows users to prioritize ease of support or privacy, as best fits their needs)
  • Employ industry standard security measures, including: no password-based SSH access, no shared developer credentials, no global AWS access. and strict firewalling between servers/groups of servers
  • Participate in the Privacy Shield program, the replacement to Safe Harbor, which certifies our protection of EU customer's data
  • GDPR compliance

For more details, we've published a security policy and information whitepaper. Please contact us if you have further questions.

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